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My first thought is YOU CAN do it.
Then May I ask why? Do you have a special reason to write?
Writing come natural to many people as a talent as does singing, music, public speaking and other forms of your voice. My talents are more in the form of learning crafts, trades, and mechanical design. So let me humbly say that I do not profess to be a writer, but I am learning.
There are many opportunities for learning on the internet. In an effort to learn coding for my web site the online training at APUS offered me the opportunity to study for four years and that was my first introduction to writing since high school in 1954. Before it became necessary for me to drop out I learned a lot in the few weeks of online study. Enough at least to be dangerous to myself.
Fast forward to today, Tireponyman ™ (That’s me) is learning to write to keep up my web site and blogs with weekly updates. My why is that I want to share all my years of experience in marketing and the shortcut to learning as opposed to the normal process of getting an Education. We never need to stop learning and improving our lifestyle. Practice makes perfect in most cases and careers. Earning while you learn is a great way to start.
Writing to inform, describe, entertain, or report might require some research and using the search engines you can find a lot of information. Reading and replying to articles written by others will offer a lot in the way of practice. Many sites pay you for good articles that are well received by members and customers of their site. Most are free to sign up and get started. YouTube, Google, Yahoo, Msn are all are good choices for finding topics and headlines for articles.
Most of my writing has been ad copy to sell my “Phony Pony” horse tire swings to all USA and Canada.
Currently my goal is to interest people worldwide in my affiliate programs and to share my love and my faith through my and and through writing articles on and by reading and commenting as much as possible. is my favorite social media site. Using to automate posting save me a lot of time.
Avoid copying and pasting other peoples work. That is stealing and can get your account deleted.
Having something you feel very passionate about is very helpful in helping you to write with enthusiasm.
Set your goals, follow your dreams, and write your heart out.
Inspiration is born out of need, fear, desire, purpose and soul with the ability to set attainable goals and seeing time to “git r done”.—- Tireponyman
Happy Pappy

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