Hello Friends,
Are you adjusting to the changes in your own life as well as here on this site?
CHANGE is always a constant thing. We can see the need for change many times before the change occurs. The big topic today is worldly changes. The environment, Population growth, war and peace, homeland protection, and government politics. These are changes that we as an individuals have little chance to have any cause or effect to making a difference. Still we do have a chance as writers to have some effect in the minds of others and as a group we will perhaps have some effect in the outcome of the changes.
We see the need to conserve, save, to help others in need and to plan for the changes in many areas of our lives. Education is the key to IMPROVING our lives and the lives of future generations. As parents we must put educating our children as the priority above all things along with survival.
BIG GOVERNMENT is making big decisions for us that will have an effect on our future generations for many years. Good or bad we need to think about and to write about what we think is good and the changes we would like to see that will make for a better world for our children and future citizens.
We can learn to dwell on the good changes that are taking place in our home, our community and our country. One of the greatest changes I personally recognize as time passes is the possibility for all to learn without going to school for years. As students pass from grade school to high school they should know and respect their parents and learn from their teaching and their parents examples.
COMUNICATION begins at an early age. Children should learn at an early age to get a response to their demands by communicating to their parents with a please and thank you. Table manners and etiquette goes lacking in today’s society because of the lack of training of the parents. All too often this is left for the children to learn at school and should be taught and practiced at home every day.

COMMUNICATING etiquette is as important as table manners and family matters. When children are old enough to use a telephone they should be trained on how to use one effectively. Prior to having a cell phone or smart phone children should be trained on the dangers and bad habits to avoid. It would be a terrible mistake to deny your child the proper training and the use of a telephone.

THE INTERNET is bringing about changes. With the use of the smart phone and a desire to learn we can learn to do away with the expensive text books and boring classes. Of course this is not for everyone and many will not seek the advantage but I can see the change coming and believe it is for the better and the saving will be enormous. Consider books, paper, trees, fuel, postage, time, better health, less stress, and much, much more.

How do you feel about this article and the changes you are making in your life? What are some changes you are thankful for?

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