In this ever expanding world of making and marketing a product we have many choices to consider.
The product should be something you really care about and feel good about to share with others. Many of my articles are about the +phony Pony horse tire swing.
This article will be more about marketing your product and hopefully it will be of some help to you.
The ever changing world of the internet is fascinating and really presents a challenge to the most talented marketers.
Much money can be wasted in trying to get first place in the line to get traffic to your links.
What use to work does not always work anymore.
Many people and businesses are turning to social media to market (advertise) their site and blogs.  There are no really free lunches.  Some methods are free but to make money a site that will take orders and ship products costs money. #Clickbank #PayPal
My favorite social media is #twitter @tireponyman .  Using and sharing on twitter has been an advantage for me and with other tools to do automatic repeat posting you can save a lot of time.
I am “Happy Pappy” on Facebook  I had some good success with eBay in the early days but don’t sell there anymore.
For beginners a shot at #wordpress for a free Blog is the best shot at learning and expanding. WordPress is a great place to learn how to develop a website and learn to show your product.  Best I know of for free.
Google offers a Blog option and I use and like it also.
PayPal offers a best way to manage your money and that is my favorite Bank option.
Youtube has become a favorite of mine for many reasons and is a well managed system for showcasing and offers a lot to their audience and customers. 45
Tireponyman is not a Guru and does not pretend to be one.  Be careful out there. SOME PEOPLE LIE.
#guru +PayPal +guru +traffic +challenge +eBay +clickbank
All work is mine

Green area is cool to the eyes
Work station


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