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8. Try turning off the TV and get out there and do things. Rather than sitting in front of a screen all your life, switch off the TV or the computer and go out into the world. There’s so many fascinating people to meet, exciting adventures to embark upon and rewarding challenges to take on that there’s no time to lose. 9. When people say bad things about you, just prove them wrong Some people will react to success by trying to hang onto your coat tails. The best thing you can do is to not only ignore them, but to prove them wrong in every single way. We’ve had a particular writer claiming Virgin Galactic is a white elephant – we’ll prove them wrong when we go to space later this year. 10. Do what you love and have a sofa in the kitchen As long as you are surrounded by the people you love, doing what you love, it really doesn’t matter where you are. When we are on Necker we tend to spend most of our time in the kitchen. If you’re got a bedroom too, and a partner that you love, you really don’t need much else. What are your top tips for success? Hello, to all of you. Please let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Cecil Whorton I was born in 1936 during a time when this country was coming out of the big depression and we lived in the country and moved around to find work for my dad. Today you would call this “living off the grid” (meaning we had no utilities, no running water, no electricity. Etc.) My home was with my grand parents a lot of the time and living on a farm in rural Alabama and still living off the grid. No auto and I walked a mile to catch the school bus. My father worked in construction and I learned a lot working at and early age. In 1954 I graduated high school and joined the USMC. This was a great experience for me and I worked in communication. The military offers a lot to those who are young and want to get a start in life. My choice was to go in business with my father. We did a lot of different things and I have never worked for anyone outside of my family I have owned and operated many businesses. Owned property. Bought and sold equipment. In the past twenty years working and promoting the “Phony Pony” (TM) Horse tire swing has been a passion and we have sold thousand of them to all of USA and Canada. My social media ID is tireponyman (Google that). My hope is to gain a lot of knowledge and improve my writing ability by studying and disciplining myself in the course of this great opportunity. I am very thankful to GOD for the many blessings he has provide me with throughout all my life. THE EARLY DAWN WITH STRONG DESIRE WE CAN CLIMB A MOUNTAINS. In the hours of early dawn the shadows of the mountain cast a long shadow on and about the farms and homes in Bristol Cove The little log cabin where my Brother and I were staying with Grandpa and Mama was located at the very foot of the mountain. It not yet breaking dawn. So it was still pitch dark as we took our brown bag lunch, our books and our comfort toys (marbles, a sling shot and what ever boys always seem to carry in their pockets. When walking in the woods carrying a staff was always essential for safety and to assist in walking. Much like a cane but we had one much longer and stronger. as we hit the trail we were prepared for the climb and the whole day at school. The woods on the side of the mountain where the path began were just a few feet from the front of the log cabin where we lived. The path is narrow and the trees are all along both sides of the path the stars are still out and the sky is sparkling but soon it will give way to the breaking dawn. It’s not a long climb to get to the top of the small mountain. We have walked this path many times and we are familiar with all the crooks and turns as the path takes us through the trees, along flat distances and past large boulders that are plentiful near the top rim. The rim of this mountain stretches for miles in both directions. This rim and this part of the mountain was to be our playground for many years to come. As my brother and I emerged through the passage boarded by huge cliffs of sand stone and more trees at the top. The Sun is rising now and it gives one the feeling of being on the edge of nature. I am comforted at having survived the climb and the rest of the way will be and adventure –hopefully. The trail has not ended but the remainder of the walk is memorable as we pass familiar places along the path which is soon to open into a road. The sunlight glistens on the morning dew and reveals the marvelous work of the night spider webs along the fences and the young trees along edges of the green pastures. This is a site to behold and it restores my soul. The water is lying still in the blue lake and the fields with their green crops bursting forth with beautiful splendor of new growth and this comforts me as we approach a little nestle of woods that are so thick it has an eerie feel of darkness. I named it the valley of the shadow of death. This is where I am comforted by having my staff and in these woods is a spring with refreshing water and we stop for a short break and refresh our spirit to finish the journey. We will soon be off the trail and our path will be strait. We have been loved and protected and shown the way. We are eager to enter into the house of knowledge. We are not totally out of the woods and our future will be determined by the paths we take and our faith that comes by the reading and hearing of the word. Birthdays, fellowshipping, families and even businesses are catching the habit of helping others. Sweet dreams to you tonight…..tireponyman ™—————————- Use the form below ———————- ————To contact and purchase…..>>>>>

Keep calm and hang in there —  lead or follow– or read and learn.




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