Keep failing forward and learning.

Love never fails

My girl Friday training we will will get you out of your nut.
Everyone I know is very busy taking care of their own time and families.
School is a necessity for me so I can learn to write better and communicate to and audience online.
Health is a very important issue with me and I want to share what I have experienced in my 77 years of being young.
The resources we have available at APUS (American public University system), are many and very helpful I plan to do most of my work from my home office and using the Internet and software to develop programs and share them in that theater.

I love helping people and enjoy the feeling of know that it is appreciated. (in most cases.) I am never bored and have no time for wasting time. Resting is not wasting time if you need it.

To help with my studies and to keep up I plan to change my sleeping habits and doing my schooling at night. I tend to have less trouble staying focused when I am alone.
Doing research and recording what I found is helpful I’m like to share that with many of you if you’re following me and do the same.
Wish me luck, please and thank you.