Hello man I’ve tried to call you but I didn’t get an answer so I’m texting you now.
We went to Birmingham today and wow, they have stacked that town up since I was there last.
We went to Culleman – Publix and shopped for groceries, and supplies. We ate at a real nice Cracker-Barrel.

The book that I have been waiting for was here when I got home. It’s a must-read for anyone willing to take some rest and create success on your own terms
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THE ONLY positive thing is changing, if you look back, you can see where you may have made a different adjustment in your life, and you know it is never too early, and it is not too late to change now.

Five steps to take

  1. Ask your self : need to change? (take notes on paper)
  2. What is the most important thing to change? __+___
  3. What are the possible solutions? _______________
  4. What is the best possible solution? -_You can GIT ‘ER DONE with courage and confidence.
  5. Let’ér do it.
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In this ever expanding world of making and marketing a product we have many choices to consider.
The product should be something you really care about and feel good about to share with others. Many of my articles are about the +phony Pony horse tire swing.
This article will be more about marketing your product and hopefully it will be of some help to you.
The ever changing world of the internet is fascinating and really presents a challenge to the most talented marketers.
Much money can be wasted in trying to get first place in the line to get traffic to your links.
What use to work does not always work anymore.
Many people and businesses are turning to social media to market (advertise) their site and blogs.  There are no really free lunches.  Some methods are free but to make money a site that will take orders and…

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Side Hustle

Service and Helping
Helping people around to doing inside household you need to learn to bring in some cash.

You can do this by sellng stuff that you have that you don’t it you like dog walking or pet care and babysitting.

Cleaning out garages and hauling away unwanted items that I people
Don’t want to save.
Lawn Care can begin a great career.

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Tis The Season

Time to get on the 📞 to order an avoid the delays. We ate Cranking out new horse tire swings We have no quarrel with those who sale for less.

There is nothing that can’t be made cheaper, and sold for less. They know what their stuff is worth.

We can take your order via email. I need your address for shipping …


And payment details.