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Changes Happen without warning.


You know you suddenly didn’t go from doing everything right to doing everything wrong. You still put in great effort and do all you are required to do and more. But that was not different, for you were always going above and beyond and yet now… suddenly……

For some reason nothing you seem to do “matters”. It is as if all your time and effort is wasted. You wonder if you should even try to continue on… why strive for an unreachable goal of which you reached time and time again and then sudden cannot!

There is nothing that says what you are doing is wrong in anyway and yet you feel the struggle set in and wonder… what has happened…

Suddenly in a place you once felt greatly welcomed, now you do not. Goals that you once reached are unattainable to you now, without any just cause.

What a strange feeling this is so very new to me. We failed to write down our goals.


Can we back up the train? Somehow life seems to be heading the wrong way. We missed some goals and some stops along the way. Where are we headed? Is this a dead end route?

Conductor, please tell the engineer we are wasting time and missing some goals we have set.  We spent too much time on Facebook and Twitter and failed to write down our goals and set them in our schedule. We switched our mind and went on the wrong track for a while.

My time is important to me. I would like to be on the right track and moving on toward my goals. Some time ago we were reaching and fast approaching our destination, then suddenly a switch flipped and the target got moved or we moved off target. We missed some goals that were attainable.  We were sidetracked. Can we go back?  Can we pick up the pieces and make new plans?

Are we headed in the right direction?  What is our schedule? Do we have plans to make changes when necessary?

We can do it.  Let’s give it a try.  Think of the possibilities. Happiness is in the journey.  This train will not come to the end of the line.

Wise use of our time, setting attainable goals, enjoying the ride and sharing the results is where we will find the greatest pleasure.

I don’t have time to hate people who hate me, too busy loving those who love me. I am so very thankful for all my friends and family that have shared my life and stood by me in time of need.

With change comes opportunity to set new attainable goals and define our purpose. We can  begin again to develop our strong character. We can learn to improve by our mistakes and by reading and listening to leaders and others we can become what we want to be and accomplish our goals

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New Mind Blowing 21-Step Cheat Sheet: Secrets of Hypnotic Marketing
— Revealed!

Subtitle: What No One Else Has Told You About How Info Marketers
Really Use Hypnotic Marketing To Bring Unconscious Resources Into
The Conscious Awareness.

By Marlon Sanders
and Cecil Whorton/ tireponyman

I’m going to talk today about how you can use hypnotic methods
in marketing.

Some people could see these things at first as being manipulative
or somehow bad.

However, it’s really just about DELIBERATELY using tools of the
mind that you can’t not use. Because you use these tools already
unconsciously. So the only question becomes whether or not you
want to use them consciously to get what you want.

Or do you choose to remain unconscious of them and use them in
ways that sometimes work against you and keep you from getting
what you want?

Most people get caught up in thinking that goes in loops. We
typically called this looping thinking circular reasoning and it
forms the basis for all problems.

The reason is that if the solution was in your awareness, you’d
DO IT and you wouldn’t have a problem. Therefore, by definition,
the solution is outside your awareness.

Hypnosis is a means of relaxing the conscious mind so that new
information can be brought into awareness to get the mind out of
the loops that it’s in and to solve problems.

Alright, if that doesn’t make sense to you, then at the end of
this cheat sheet, I’ll recommend a resource that will explain it
much better than I can here in a brief cheat sheet.

If you’re a newbie, some of this will be advanced for you. But if
you do choose to study any of it further at a point in time, my
recommended resource will be at the end of this article.

My purpose here is NOT to convince you to use these methods. It’s
just to say here’s what the methods are and how you CAN use them
if you want to.

1. Brief history of hypnosis

1. You can bone up on the history of mesmerism here:

A few quick excertps:

a. In the 1500’s there was this dude named Paracelsus who was the
first physician to use magnets to heal people by laying the magnets
on their body.

b. Then in the 1600’s, “the Great Irish Stroker,” Valentine
Greatrakes, healed people by layin’ his hands on ’em and passing
magnets over their body. His BIG innovation was he didn’t have to
actually lay the magnets on their body.

c. Around 1771 Maximilian Hell (that was REALLY his name) applied
steel plates to people’s bodies to heal ’em. And he had a student
who was a medical doctor from Vienna with the infamous name “Franz
Anton Mesmer.”

d. Around 1770, Mesmer started performing “animal magnetism” or
“mesmerism.” And THAT is where the term “mesmerize” came from.

I remember reading once that he’d actually hold these small groups
where he’d dress up in a cape with a magnetized magic wand, go
around and touch people with his wand. They’d faint and be healed.
I’m NOT making this up! It’s all a matter of history.

Even American legend Benjamin Franklin got involved in that ruckus.

e. Fortunately, a scottish surgeon named Braid came along in 1842
and removed the mysticism from the topic. He debunked mesmerism.

Braid coined the term “hypnotism” (from the Greek hypnos, “sleep”).
Better stated, it means “relaxed mind.” In other words, you get the
conscious mind to relax and chill out so you can bring information
into awareness that was OUT of awareness or unconscious. This way
you can deliver resources the person needs to escape loops their
thinking is caught up in.

More on this later in this cheat sheet.

All the following data draws liberally from the understanding I
gained from this product.

I consider this the Bible of conversational hypnosis.

2. A few basic hypnotic methods that are used in online marketing

a. Project high status and authority

People are more suggestible to people they perceive as authorities.

— Use calm movements. This implies confidence.
— Keep steady eye contact
— Take up space when you sit. Don’t apologize for being there.
— Demonstrate authority
— Tell stories that demonstrate your authority
— At the same time, avoid coming across as arrogant or too “try

b. Gain a stream of agreements

— This is the old sales tactic of getting people to nod their
head yes.

— Begin sales letters, teleseminar calls, presentations or videos
with a series of statements or concepts people will readily agree

3. Use “hot words that have emotions embedded in them

Some words carry big emotional impact. Use these words in your
sales letters, videos, and presentations. If you’ve ever read a
John Carlton sales letter, you KNOW he’s a master of this. Ditto
for the late, great Gary Halbert.

So a lot of times people’s brains are stuck in loops. Their thinking
goes round and round in circles. They can’t get out of the loop.
But their conscious mind shoots down any possible solutions. THAT
is why they’re stuck IN the loop to begin with.

But to get the solution TO THEM you have to bypass the part of the
mind that keeps shooting it down. One way to do this is to lull
the conscious mind into relaxing
4. Build anticipation

This is what product launches do when they’re done correctly.
They build an enormous sense of anticipation.

5. Use hypnotic words

Words like fascination, focus and mesmerizing actually help
capture attention.

6. Use the basic 3-step hypnotic formula

a. Capture attention

We all know this marketing. It’s what headlines do. But you
can do this even more readily using video if it’s really, really
well done.

In sales letters, you have to keep pulling out headlines or
ideas with a unique TWIST or angle to capture attention.
Otherwise, your sale letter is just one in a million.

How can you capture ATTENTION? This is almost half the battle
in online marketing today.

b. Bypass the conscious mind

Hypnotists use confusion, overload and other methods for this.
So if you feel confused or overloaded, you may have been under
the influence and not known it!

But there are MANY techniques for bypassing the conscious mind.
If you just establish that you’re an authority, people will then
lower their conscious guard.

The reason you want to do this sometimes is the conscious mind
is going in loops over and over and over. The reason it’s going
around in circles is that the solution is outside it’s awareness
but it won’t let it in.

The term is circular reasoning. The solution is to find a way
to bypass the loop and the circular reasoning to bring the info
into awareness that is needed to get the person out of their

Conscious minds often run in LOOPS that create STUCK points.
So the elegant use of hypnosis or “relaxed mind” techniques is
to get the conscious mind to RELAX so that new data can enter
the loop and free up the process.

As info marketers we sell information that allows people to get
out of the loops they’re stuck in. But sometimes people won’t
BUY because the info doesn’t fit in their paradigm. Which is
why they ARE stuck in the loop to begin with.

My Overwhelm Cure is such a product. People feel overwhelmed
and confused so they don’t buy what can help them out of that
state. The easiest way to get them out of the loop is to
bring information into their consiousness that bypasses their
conscious mind that’s keeping the solution out of awareness.

c. Deliver your suggestions

This is whatever marketing actions you want people to take.

==> Do NOT attempt this formula without getting proper training.

7. Use “shock and surprise”

You’ve heard marketers use the term “shock and awe.” Well, THIS
is where it likely comes from. People who use that term understand
or use hypnosis consciously or unconsciously.

When people are SHOCKED, they respond unconsciously because there
isn’t time for the conscious mind to analyze things.

Again, don’t try this without professional training…:)

Sales letters, videos or sales processes will sometimes SHOCK YOU
with screen caps, numbers or some other thing. The purpose is to
deactivate the unconscious mind so that a resource you were unaware
of can be brought into your conscious awareness without resistance.

8. Destroy resistance via stories

— Telling stories is a subliminal way to overcome the resistance
or scrutiny of the conscious mind.

— This is why most great marketers are great story tellers

— Tell stories about your friends. You can have THEM say things,
so it isn’t “you” saying them! How cool is that?

9. Build rapport

— Avoid coming across as trying “too hard” or needing money or to
make the sale “too much.” If you come across as too desperate or
too eager to please, this makes the other person wonder what your
motives are.

— For the same reason, avoid projecting that you need something
too much from the other person.

This is the old ruse in marketing where you tell people your
schedule is filled up but you may have an opening for them.

Or you’re really sold out but due to some weird thing happening,
you might be able to squeeze them in! Kinda like when you call
the doctor’s office.

10. Develop wide rapport by sharing experiences with the person
in a variety of locations.

— This is the root behind the technique of showing video in your
car, at the beach, in an office, at home and so forth. It’s a
rapport building method.

— Cover a wide variety of topics so you aren’t put in just one
small category in the person’s brain.

— By building rapport, you help the conscious brain to RELAX and
go into the RELAXED MIND state (i.e. hypnotic state) so that you
can bring things into the awareness of the person without getting
it “shot down” by the conscious mind that is stuck in a loop that
keeps repeating over and over.

11. Fractionate rapport

This is when you go “hot-cold.” A great example of this is product

During the launch, the person is there with killer videos, blog
posts, conference calls — everything. After the launch, you
hardly hear from ’em.

This makes you ANTICIPATE the next launch. It’s the fractionation
of attention and rapport.

Some people would argue this means you don’t write an ezine like
I do. Maybe they’re write. But there are OTHER ways to fractionate.

Fractionating rapport is something you can’t not do. The question
is only if you want to know what you’re doing and then do it

Or do you want to continue doing it unconsciously and having no idea
what it is you’re doing?

When the conscious brain is confused, it’s preoccupied with trying
to figure things out. That means you can deliver information, data
or resources to the person that they were previously unconscious or
unaware of to get the person INTO a resourceful state.

Without rapport people’s conscious brains are on red alert and they
shoot down any solutions that could help the person escape the loop
or problem they’re in.

12. Get people to try to build rapport with YOU versus you being
the one to try to build rapport with THEM!

— Make people apply to get in your coaching program vs. you begging
them to join.

— Don’t show that you’re too “over-eager” to network with someone.

— Don’t come across as being “too eager” to get people to buy your

— Rapport is as much what you DON’T do as it is what you DO.

13. Develop your trance voice

This is the voice that is relaxing and easy to listen to. It’s
different from your regular voice, so you don’t accidentally put
people under the influence!

Use this voice in your videos when you’re pitching or from stage or
in teleseminars.

You know how some people have this voice either in their spoken
word or in their WRITING that you just love to listen to or read?

That’s the trance voice. It’s a highly attractive voice because
step one in hypnosis is to absorb attention. You can’t do that
without an attractive voice and persona.

Or what Dale Carnegie in the old days and others called a magnetic
personality. Most people just aren’t aware that you can do this
in writing by the stories you tell, the voice you use, the emotions
you create and how you present your persona.

14. Imply rather than state directly when you can

— When you imply something, people are more likely to accept or
believe it than when you outright state it.

— For example, if you want people to get the idea that a big shot,
SHOW the results of this rather than TELLING people.

— I think Alexandria Brown does an awesome job of this on her blog.
She SHOWS pictures of her at coaching events with her students where
everyone is having a GREAT time! This implies that if you join,
you’re going to have an awesome time also.

15. Create “magic moments”

— Create stories or other magical moments that glue in rapport and

16. Use metaphors

— Your brain responds to metaphors at an unconscious level
— You can create metaphors via videos
— But you can also tell stories verbally or in print that do the
same thing.

17. Create an attractive or magnetic persona

— Be someone people are drawn to and want to hang out with
— Ask yourself, would you want to hang out with your persona?
— Do you project someone or something that people find magnetic?
— A persona is something you work on, build and create over time
— It’s a deliberate creation, not necessarily something you are to
start with.
— Study people and personas you find to be magnetic and ask
yourself why.

18. Project confidence and a relaxed attitude and demeanor

— On the one hand, people respond to those they perceive as
— And with that, authorities don’t have anything to prove
— Therefore, they often come across with a relaxed attitude
— In other words, they’re chill and you’d like to hang with them
— If you come across as too uptight or not lacking confidence, this
activates people’s minds to scrutinize what you’re saying

19. Learn to frame, reframe, and deframe

— This is one of the most powerful methods you can learn
— There are two types of reframes: context and meaning
— If someone says, “the price is too high”, you can do a meaning
reframe by saying, “This isn’t a cheap, low quality product.” So
you’ve reframed cheap to MEAN low quality. Which, by the way, is
also often true.
— You can do a context reframe by saying, “Considering the value
you’re getting and all the stuff, this is under priced.” In other
words, you create a context in which the price IS cheap.
— You’ve seen this done in sales letters a thousand times
— Reframing is the art of helping the conscious mind get OUT of a
loop by presenting information in such a way that it’ll slip through
the filter and not be filtered out

20. Tell stories that capture attention

One of the biggest challenges we have as marketers is simply to
capture attention. By telling the story you have that’s the most
riveting and exciting, you can do this.

Think of John Carlton’s one legged golfer letter as an example. If
you don’t know about John’s one legged golfer letter, you haven’t
studied copywriting enough!

21. There are loops, nested loops, hard loops and soft loops

The brain thinks in loops and circles. And if you’ve ever gone round
and round on something in your brain and gotten nowhere, your brain
was caught up in a loop.

The problem with loops is the answer lies OUTSIDE your awareness.
Otherwise, you would have already applied the answer.

A solution being outside your awareness means it’s something you’re
unconscious of. And the only way to find the solution is to become
aware or conscious of what you’re unaware of right now.

Without that process, you’ll just keeping going around in circles in
a loop and get nowhere.

To get out of the loop, you become aware of what you’re unaware of.
This is what info products do for you. They bring things into your
awareness that you were unaware of so you can get out of loops.

— A “hard loop” happens without any explanation.

For example, you just start telling a story or talking about your
product without any explanation.

— A “soft loop” transitions into the story or topic

— “nested loops” are stories within stories

If you want to explore the ideas of frames, loops, storytelling,
magical moments, rapport or anything else I’ve talked about in this
issue, then this is your bible:

Marlon Sanders is the author of “The Amazing Formula That
Sells Products Like Crazy.”

To get on his killer ezine list, to get cheat sheets and all kinds
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