Are you ready to decide to make changes for a better life?

Do you want better friends?

Be more fun and feel better?

Would you like a better relationship with GOD?

Now is the time for you to decide. YOU have to make that decision. If you want to make changes in your life it isn’t always easy. It would help to write it down as a statement .

These are some of the things I want to change to improve my life.

  1. Live with less stress. be happier and more sociable.
  2. Smile more and keep my thoughts on attainable goals.
  3. Make better use of my time at all times.
  4. Take the necessary breaks to relieve tension and tiredness.
  5. Become more aware of how things work according to the holy word and serving in my community.
  6. Improve my health by living a healthy lifestyle.
  7. Stop Smoking, excessive drinking, using foul  language, complaining, criticizing, and condemning.

Take a deep breath and get some fresh  air. Breath deep and relax. This is a suggested list, not a personal attack on your needs. Choose from the list what you choose or add what fits your needs. Planning is the key to success. Are you ready to start? Just choose one or more from the list or your own thing to change.

Are you just dreaming or wishing? Deciding will  require some planning, thinking and some work.  Changing will not happen without effort, work and striving to overcome the adversities.  Periods of distractions, events and circumstances will bring on challenges and through you off track.

Are you wishing or wanting change.  Wishing and wanting are two different things. Change is not a onetime event. Change is a process. Planning requires thinking, trying, testing, effort and results. If you are not willing to put in the effort you are just wishing and wasting time. Setting goals will not be a onetime easy solution. Setting attainable goals will require effort and work.

Go back to the beginning and read this again. Then decide and get started if you really want to change.  Good luck with your decision.

Cecil Whorton / AKA/ tireponyman

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Dear Friend,
Ever wonder how much of a genius you have to be for your marketing know how to pay off for you?
Here’s a story that reveals the answer.
Today I ran into the lady who runs my local computer repair shop.
“That banner you told me to put up WORKED! I’ve gotten 5 jobs from it just this week,” referring to the big yellow banner outside the shop reading “Virus Removal Experts.”
Now, actually, the headline I gave her was along the lines of “Viruses Removed — Guaranteed!”
Or something like that.
But what she’s running is working, so I ain’t tellin’ her to change it anytime soon.
Flash back in time to 3 weeks earlier. We were talking about how she could get more customers.
Drawing on my vast storehouse of marketing wisdom, I inquired, “What’s the #1 best seller you got around here?”
“Virus removal,” she snapped back.
“See that blank spot on the sign out front? Will they let you put anything on that?”
She replied with a skeptical tone, “Well, you’d have to PAY for that. But they will let me hang a banner up.”
Being the marketing genius I am, I replied, “How ’bout you put somethin’ up there on a yellow banner…like your viruses Removed — Guaranteed!
“…or perhaps….Viruses Removed in 48 Hours — Guaranteed.
“Or…Free Virus Analysis.”
I spouted off some blatantly obvious stuff like that anyone with any knowledge of and skill in headlines whatsoever coulda come up with.
Anyway, she put the yellow banner up with the relatively lame “virus removal experts.” And it paid off in spades.
“Next time you come in, your repair is free,” she offered generously.
Now, you may be thinking that all the money you spend on ebooks, courses and so forth is a waste if you don’t start a business.
Look at it this way.
You can get a lot of free stuff like computer repair, dry cleaning or whatever…Just by having the most basic, simple understanding of marketing.
Anyway, I popped by later and showed her how to run an editorial style ad dropping into a hotline followed up by a series of letters ala Dan Kennedy/Jeff Paul model.
Again, this ain’t rocket science stuff.
You shoulda seen her eyes light up.
Then I came up with a back end for her since her profit margin is horrible.
And if you’ve studied headlines a little and know just the basics of lead generation, you pretty much coulda done the same.
How much of a genius do you gotta be to come up with a headline like:
“What will YOU do when your wife, kids and friends see P-O-R-N popup on YOUR computer? We get if off FAST! Guaranteed. Or it’s free.”
See, all this marketing stuff might end up not bein’ a waste for you after all.
Fact is, with a little direct response knowledge, you can appear to be a genius to a LOT of businesses.
Best Wishes,
Marlon Sanders
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